Puzzles and Me

When I make a puzzle I relish the beauty of order, of symmetry, of the simple pleasure and fulfilment of finding perfect and right pieces. The processes is slow, thoughtful, careful – but always secure and right. Despite initial confusion, I have full assurance of eventually finding the right piece, at the right time, for the right spot. With a satisfied sigh, pieces find their way home, falling into place before my eyes.

My family laughs at me. They tell me I’m addicted to puzzling (though it’s a pleasure I only indulge in once a year at Christmas – hardly a worrisome addiction, I argue). But in truth, I am hopelessly taken up with putting things together rightly, strangely intoxicated with the pleasures of bringing order from chaos. How much time, anguish and energy I spend striving (often vainly) to bring order to my heart, my mind, my emotions, my life. What I long for in my life I find somewhat fulfilled through the thousand little pieces scattered across my table; I see a little picture of the design of my soul and picture of my life.

This may be a stretch, and if so, I appolgize. 🙂 But bear with me for one more moment…

What is more beautiful than ‘rightness’, of the utter contentment of finding oneself fitting into a perfect place of worship and communion with God. My life is one small puzzle piece, designed to fit only into a place surrounded on every side by my saviour. I only know true fulfillment when the pieces of my life are placed firmly and correctly by the One who made me. I only know true joy when I find that one perfect place of fulfilment in glorifying God. I was made a being ever failing unless my heart… my mind… my soul are directed fully and forever upward.


1 Response to “Puzzles and Me”

  1. 1 thoughts from the sock drawer.. January 12, 2010 at 4:18 am

    you really did wait until it was perfect. i love it.. makes SO much sense, you are so totally right. hmm.. yeah, makes me think 🙂

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