“Harper is My Man”

… was the phrase I made David repeat this morning when he dared inform me ‘Laura, Ignatieff is good too.’ We are a true blue family, I told him. (smile) Please understand – politics does not dictate my life as it, probably sadly, once did. Yet, how could I not blog about politics today? But I’m not going to talk directly about the election (really, what is there to say?).

I’m going to be very shallow and trite, and air my political leanings by playing on emotions rather than good, strong logic. Be assured, I do have reasoning to back up my convictions, but we’ll leave all that for now. I’d just like to point out that it is possible to create a ‘cult of personality’ around a western, Tory, middle aged prime minister. Gotta love our man.

A classic (which I tried to embed… with no success):


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