When my hope is gone…

 Since we’re talking about the past and politics, I want to share a song I rediscovered recently (yay iTunes) that was very special at a ‘political moment’ in my life…

An album by Selah made its way into my car that fall of 2007, becoming the soundtrack of my last days crisscrossing the Wildrose Riding, relishing every last busy day managing Eric Lowther’s campaign. Still some of the happiest days of my life.

Then election night. Those cursed thirty four votes. Such a rollercoaster campaign ending so badly.

Please don’t giggle to yourself at my melodramatic retelling. 😉 It’s quite the story, and yes, this tough little political girl bawled her eyes out.

But in the middle of the puddle, what song happened to be cued on my CD player, ready to get me up the Cochrane hill and safely home?  ‘Faithful One.’

The words of the song spoke truth to a truly broken and confused heart.  God reminded me in many little ways the following weeks that He was, in fact, faithful. Fully, completely and unquestioningly.

I need the reminder DAILY.

Gently, time after time, the creator of the universe points to the past and asks, ‘was I faithful then? Was my promise to never leave or forsake hollow in that situation?’

No Lord, it wasn’t. Thank you for reminding me again. Today, I walk forward un-haltingly, knowing I can once again trust your faithfulness, and overcome with the undeserved grace you pour into my life.


1 Response to “When my hope is gone…”

  1. 1 Alison April 8, 2011 at 12:25 am

    Best one yet, loved it. and love you like crazy my tough little political girl ; )

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