The Box of Politics and saying Goodbye to an Era

It might be time for a political post…

Yesterday I cleaned old boxes of book, papers, and memorabilia. Amazing the things we keep from our past. (If I’m thinking this at twenty six, what will I be thinking at 40?) Mountains of text books, binders of notes and papers, camp devos and VBS stuff, and even my old swimming manuals. Random things I made in my crafty days, dolls I’d forgotten I had, and whole collection of glasses and mugs I’ve been given over the years.

Then there was ‘the box of politics.’

I think every girl is obsessed with something: boys, horses, maybe sports. My obsession was DEFINETLY politics. For years my world revolved around the development of small ‘c’ conservatism in Canada, and I kept every article, brochure, pin and bandana (yes – I have a Stock Day bandana) from the myriad of campaigns I worked on. Stockwell Day was the guiding star of my political plans for Canada, and I truly believed (and assured anyone who would listen) that he would be ‘the next Prime Minister of Canada.’ Young and idealistic, I look back on some of my decisions and shake my head.

I’ve tempered my love (or just matured) over the years. Thought politics still gets me excited like few other things, it is not longer ‘my world.’

Still I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic and sad, as on March 25, 2011 good old Stockwell said goodbye to political office. Thinking back to the years of hype, excitement and hope, it was a quiet and understated end.

The end of an era. 

I’m fully content with how it all turned out.  Quite thankful, in fact.  Fourteen year olds should not be allowed to run a nation.  (Help, yes.)

Still, it’s the end of a long road, and what a ride it was.


2 Responses to “The Box of Politics and saying Goodbye to an Era”

  1. 1 David Parker April 7, 2011 at 6:26 am

    Funny, I was just thinking how it was the Witten family (particularly Laura & Kevin Witten) who got me into politics. Sad to see Stockwell go. But the end of something is always the beginning of something new. So here is to the Canadian Alliance, may it rest in peace. Long live the Conservative Party of Canada!

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