The only thing I can remember doing for sixteen years is attend AHEA. (Oh, breathing too… ;)) Every spring is Kevin’s birthday, Easter, freak snowstorms, and the Alberta Home Educators Association Convention. First I’d tag along with Mom and Dad, hunting through the program to find some sessions that interested me, and spending hours at the book fair. Later, they started a teen program – much excitement! Three years later I was running said program – much stress!

Since high school graduation I’ve distanced myself from the homeschooling world, but kept ‘doing’ AHEA. For the last five years Teen Focus has been my baby, and despite the million details and inevitable angst leading up to convention weekend, I always loved spending time with the students, and encouraging them in LIFE (which is way more important than homeschooling anyways!).

Last year I said goodbye to being Teen Focus coordinator, but rashly said I’d come back and speak. So tomorrow I’m trekking back up to Red Deer, to make it and even sixteen years.

Hoping to challenge the kids to take full advantage of their homeschooling years, seeing them not as a destination, but a means to an end. I want to see them grow into mature, disciplined, passionate Children of God. To homeschool or not to homeschool isn’t the issue. Glorifying God in your life, your school, your relationships – THAT is the issue.

So, I’m excited. 🙂
I have a feeling this might actually be my LAST year. But who knows – I’ve been saying that for a long time.


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