It Doesn’t Rest on Me

Yesterday I woke up at 4:00, and didn’t crawl back into bed until after 1:00.

Yesterday had some awesome moments, and some discouraging and stressful ones, too.

When I trudged in the door at 11:30 our internet was down. “Look – I have an excuse not to blog. Bed here I come!” Aaaand I didn’t make it there until 1:00. The internet came back on, I realized I absolutely had to get some poster ready for church (miscommunication issues) and this girl got progressively more grumpy. By 1:00 I was done in every possible way.

The work was finished…

But the blog was never written.

My guess is no one even noticed!

However, it’s disappointing. I’m not going to have a perfect Lent record. Part of me is tempted to feel guilty, maybe a bit discouraged, or even a bit defensive. Yet when I woke up from my nap this afternoon (yes – that came before blogging…what can I say) it dawned on me that in this Lenten season the aim is a realization of my inabilities, and Christ’s perfect ability. Humanly, I am incapable of perfection, or going the distance, of finishing the race with perfection. I need the granted pardon of one who IS

So, I’ll take this as a lesson…

And rejoice with thankfulness that what I can never do, God can fully accomplish for me.

PS – My talk went wonderfully! Loved doing it…

PPS – Song Sunday coming up – AFTER I get through one more round of church 😉


1 Response to “It Doesn’t Rest on Me”

  1. 1 Andrea April 18, 2011 at 2:14 am

    Laura, I have so enjoyed your posts. I had stumbled upon your blog one day – thanks to your facebook status, and it has continued to encourage and bless me whenever I have the moment to stop by.

    I had not realized your backwards lent project until today… and I am so grateful that is what you chose to do, as you have had so much to offer. As life has proven itself to be a journey filled with struggle and growth (at least with me), I am encouraged by someone that is willing to be open of their struggle and journey with becoming more and more of the person they were created to be. Thank you!

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