Simple Life

If you’re like me, you struggle (often daily) with the WHY of life. A constant swirl of conflicting ideas and emotions vying to capture the coveted position of ‘life’s purpose.’

My mind spins, the tension mounts and guilt of inability inevitably follows.

Thank you, Lord, for stepping in when my mind cannot handle itself. Thank you for showing me what it is you truly need and want from me. Interestingly enough, what you want is always what IS best for me. And really… it’s simple. Life’s purpose is something we can all do – it’s not out of our reach.

The simple act of daily devotion to Christ. Knowing God understands our human condition and capabilities, and asks simple things from us.

Simple, moment by moment reliance on the full grace of God.

Simple, daily commitment to ordering each moment to bring glory to our saviour.

Simple – not asking for visions and revelations and impressive mission.

Someone sent me this song today – I think I have a new favourite. The music video is fun too. Gotta love Stuart Townsend for capturing our hearts in words we could not pull together ourselves.


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From the granted path…

Ramblings from my head and heart, aiming to reflect glory on the One who is my Saviour.

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